The Walker's Way

The Walker's Way is a Walking Between Worlds companion tale that was originally written for Paws for a Tale: A Sudden Insight Publishing Anthology.  It's also available as a free download for members of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning.

Walking Between Worlds: The Walker's Way is the story of First Walker Marcus, and the events that led him to turn Paul Stone into the Stone Walker. This companion tale should be read after Fall of the Walker King.

The Complete Trilogy

The Demon Be Damned

A prequel to the story told in the Walking Between Worlds trilogy. Of all the characters that played a part in that tale, perhaps the most interesting is the devil Roche. His story goes back, way back…and we have to trace it to the very beginning to see just how vital his role has been in the continued existence of humanity.

This Walking Between Worlds story should be read after Fall of the Walker King.

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