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The Demon Be Damned is a prequel to the story told in the ‘Walking Between Worlds’ trilogy. The only witness there from the start is the original demon Roche. His tale goes back, way back…and we have to trace it to the very beginning to see just how vital his role has been in the continued existence of humanity.

The Demon Be Damned should be read after Fall of the Walker King

The Demon Be Damned

(Before Walking Between Worlds, Book I) 
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Demons are created by a mind at war with itself

The demons on Earth are influencing humanity’s path far too much, and devils are finding doorways to the realm that did not exist before. Only a demon created in Heaven and forged in the fires of Hell can make a difference when Heaven and Earth begin to bleed into each other. Only a demon with the power of an angel and the heart of a devil can find a way to drive the devils back to Hell and keep all those demons in check.

But why would he want to?

God’s back turned on Roche a long time ago. The one most dear to him is by definition his greatest enemy. Roche has no place in Heaven, no friends in Hell, and no fun on Earth. The more his soul descends into darkness, the more he is convinced that reality itself is fundamentally flawed. He must find a way to understand his own existence and reconcile it in a way he can accept. 

Otherwise, he will have to end all the worlds.

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