Zombie Zero: The Short Stories

Vol. 1 The Sickness Spreads

Vol. 2 The Beginning of the End

Vol. 3 Love Lost at Sea

Vol. 4 The Zombie Killers

Vol. 5 Monstrous Consequences

Vol. 6 The Heart of the Monster

Short Stories

Ringing in a Voyage (a Ringer series story)

Everything is Broken

Breaking, Falling Tumbling, Crawling

Allen's Stride (a Zombie Zero story)

The Walker's Way (a Walking Between Worlds story)


Written as J.K. Norry

Dreaming the Perpetual Dream

The Ringer series

Ringing in a New Year

Ringing in a Summer (Summer 2018)

Zombie Zero

Zombie Zero: The First Zombie

Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie

Walking Between Worlds

Demons & Angels (Book I)

Rise of the Walker King (Book II)

Fall of the Walker King (Book III)

The Demon Be Damned (SSDM exclusive release)

Written as Jay Norry

Thoughts That Hurt to Think

Earth is in Space! (and other thoughts that hurt to think) (June 2018)

Words are Made Up! (and other thoughts that hurt to think) (TBA 2018)

Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light