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What they're saying about Demons & Angels

"...a promising start for a sure-to-be epic tale of combative worlds." -- Kirkus Reviews

"...Unique in its design and overall storyline, Norry's book is a refreshing read that I highly recommend for those who are looking for an attention-grabbing twist about the paranormal and all things religiously spiritual." -- Underground Book Reviews

"The settings remind me of Supernatural with the whole heaven and hell angle, while the main character, Paul, reminds me a bit of Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern with how both of their lives are changed and they gain new weapons. I have to say that I truly enjoyed reading Demons & Angels by J.K. Norry once I was able to rationalize it as just fiction and separate religion from it. The dialogues were all well written and the scenes blended together nicely in a way that did not leave any plot holes."  -- Readers' Favorite

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Demons & Angels

(Walking Between Worlds, Book I) 
eBook $2.99
Paperback $19.99  
ISBN 978-0-9907280-2-3

Dark thoughts feed our demons.

A week ago Paul didn’t even believe in demons. Now he sees them everywhere. They ride around on heavy human shoulders, whispering hateful silence to their hosts.

In the wake of a tragic accident, Paul finds it hard to take the demons seriously. He is too caught up in mourning the loss of his best friend Kris. Whatever responsibility that comes with seeing demons is of no interest to him. Paul just wants his life back.

Except Kris is haunting Paul. The demons are starting to notice him watching them. Also, he seems to have developed some pretty incredible abilities beyond seeing demons. A new life needs to take shape if Paul wishes to survive, but the cost may be his old life falling apart.

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