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Ringing in a Voyage

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This journey begins with a voyage…

Every time Ring takes on a new body he loses all the memories he had in the last one. This time he finds himself on a strange flight in a body he can’t remember taking. The sound of the ringing is loud and insistent. Ring knows what he must do. He just doesn’t know yet who he’ll be doing it to or what he will look like next.

In what little time he has Ring must find his doppleganger and take over his life. With his memories gone he does not even know why he is here or where here is. He only knows what he is here to do.

Actually, he’s not really clear on that either.

Ringing in a Voyage is the first installment in The Ringer series. It is a short story that stands alone while also serving as a prequel to Ringing in a New Year. This is where it all begins. By the time the series ends we’ll know all the things Ring has forgotten up to now. Take a look inside the many minds of a body snatcher.