Sands/Reno Comic Con (Reno, NV)  9/23-9/24

The Writer's Edge: Prolific Authors (live online panel) 9/28 @ 7pm PST

Sac-Con (Sacramento, CA)  10/8

Tracy Comic Show (Tracy, CA)  11/4-11/5


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​Chico-Con (Chico, CA)  8/25-8/27

NW Book Festival (Portland, OR) 7/29

Oro-Con at Feather Falls Casino (Oroville, CA)   6/3

Grape City Con (Lodi, CA)  4/9

Brain to Books CyCon (online bookfest)  4/7-4/9

The Writer's Edge: Turning Your Book into a Series...or Not
(live online panel; watch the replay on the Video page) 3/23

The Writer's Edge: The Writing-Job-Life Balance

(live online panel; watch the replay on the Video page) 2/23

The Writers Edge: Outlining Strategies & Secrets
(live online panel; watch the replay on the Video page) 1/26


Great Valley Bookfest (Manteca, CA) 10/8

Marysville Market (Marysville, CA) 8/21

NW Book Festival (Portland, OR)  7/31

LA Times Festival of Books (Los Angeles, CA)  4/9-4/10

Brain to Books CyCon (online bookfest)  4/8-4/10


Great Valley Bookfest (Manteca, CA)  10/10

Brain to Books CyCon (online bookfest)  4/4-4/6


Air & Fire Anniversary Event (Boulder Creek, CA) 9/13

Air & Fire Book Signing  (Boulder Creek, CA)  8/14


Inklings Books & Things Book Signing  (Capitola, CA)  2/12

Past Events

Walk between the worlds of angels and devils, explore the deeper meaning of demons, and face the beauty of the monster in all of us with author Jay Norry.

Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light is an uplifting autobiography, the tale of Jay's decision to question the answers he had been given and discover his own deeper meaning.

Walking Between Worlds is an exciting and action-packed philosophical adventure, a darkly humorous romp through heaven and hell and the deeper meaning of all of the worlds we walk between.

The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning spent 2016 exploring the softer side of zombies, and the deeper meaning of the archetype: could Mother Nature be saving us from ourselves? Sign up for free Zombie Zero short stories; and find out the deeper meaning of it all in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie and Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie

2017 will bring explorations of sleep, space, and supernatural thrills. Stay tuned for the The Ringer series; the first book, Ringing in a New Year, is out now. Dreaming the Perpetual Dreamis a sci-fi story that Jay is releasing exclusively to the SSDM, one chapter at a time. The rest of the world will get their hands on this intriguing space tale in Fall 2017.

Jay lives in Northern California with two of his favorite angels, an unending to-do list and a mind full of thoughts about the deeper meaning.

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